40-Minute Classic Reflexology

50-Minute Classic Reflexology

Reflexology and RLD.

60-Minute Classic Reflexology

Reflexology and RLD and meridian work.

Long Covid Reflexology Session

This 60 minute session consists of 50 minutes of me working on you and 10 minutes of me teaching you ways to work on your hands to help alleviate your specific symptoms.

Child's Reflexology Session

This 30-minute session is perfect for children ages 5-12 who are experiencing sleep issues, anxiety, skin conditions, etc. Parent must be present during session!

Fertility Reflexology

This 50-minute session will help relax and prepare the body for pregnancy.

Maternity Reflexology

This 50-minute gentle session is perfect for the mom-to-be and all the changes her body is going through. And I can predict if you're having a girl or boy!


This 45-minute session is gentle and deeply relaxing. For maximum benefit it needs to be done in a series of 6 sessions. No add-ons can be added to Metamorphosis.

Reflexologists Choice

This 55-minute session will be classic reflexology and also RLD and/or Ayurvedic, Reiki, singing bowls...depending on what your body needs at the time.

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD)

This 50-minute session provides lymphatic drainage throughout the body but is done only on the feet.

Reiki (Traditional)

This traditional 45-minute Reiki session is for those comfortable with close proximity, but a mask must remain on during the session.

Reiki / Reflexology

This 70-minute session starts with Reiki and concludes with classic reflexology.

Add-On: Spa Hands (Covid Modified)

This consists of St John's Wort/Arnica Infused Olive Oil on your hands with plastic bags over them while I do your feet and then you get a hot towel at the end to wipe them off.

Add-On: Tibetan Singing Bowls

This add-on will be the LAST 5 MINUTES of any reflexology or Reiki session.